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We finance buildings and build relationships。

Commercial mortgage

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Start with a solid foundation。

With years of experience in northern Virginia's commercial real estate market, our lenders will work with you to help finance the bricks and tiles you need to attract customers, store products, set up office space or run your daily operations。

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Build a financing solution for your business。

Whether you are refinancing or buying a new property - owner-occupied or used as an investment - we will walk you through the process and work together to find the best rates and the most flexible terms。

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When you're ready, we're ready for action。

We never want paperwork to be a drag on your commercial mortgage -- or your business。To help speed up the application process, here's what we need to get started。Additional documentation may be requested as the process progresses。But right now, all you need is。

  • Three years of tax returns For business owners (members) and your business (if it has its own tax code)。
  • The financial statements Data for business owners (members), and year-to-date data for businesses。
  • Fill out and sign the business loan application。 But you can start the process in the next few minutes

Get to know your commercial bank lenders

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Marty Weitzel

Director of commercial lending

Apply for a commercial mortgage today。

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your business and your commercial real estate financing needs。We'll come up with some ideas on how we can help。

Why Arlington

As a full service credit union, we are a cooperative organization of members like you, and we know that by working together we can all benefit in our financial journey。

The financial empowerment

We are here to help our members and neighbors achieve their financial goals and live their best lives。

Rewarding experience

We believe that there is nothing more meaningful than serving our members and believing that one good change is worth another。

The good faith is supreme

We not only meet your financial needs, but also promise to be your good neighbor and honest service。


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