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Whatever you want to do, there's a simple solution。

Forms and more

From changing your address to buying a car at a dealership, Arlington Community Federal Credit Union is committed to making your banking life as simple as possible。That's why we offer you so many ways to manage your account - online, on your smartphone or with pen and paper!

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Manage my account

  • Update my personal information

    Whether you've moved, got a new phone number, or want to use a new email address to access your account, it's easy to make changes to your personal information。

    1. Log in to your Mobile or online banking 帐户
    2. Navigate to 设置
    3. 选择 Contact us
    4. Update your information
    5. 选择 拯救 And you're done!


    Other ways to update your information。

  • Check my account balance

    You can verify that your account balance matches your record with our easy-to-use "Account Balance"。 Account checklist.

  • Add or remove someone from my account

    Sometimes things and circumstances change - we understand that。That's why we made it as easy as 1, 2, 3 (okay, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) for you to add or remove authorized members, beneficiaries, and powers of attorney to your account。

    1. Print out ours Statement of change of account
    2. Provide your account information at the top of the form
    3. Complete the requested information related to the person you want to add or remove and which account。
    4. If applicable, please fill in by the notary public。 notary
    5. You can fax the completed form to 703-516-8175 or bring it to your Local branch We'll take care of the rest!


    Need to add or remove a joint account holder? Contact us Please contact us directly and we will take care of it。

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Payments and wire transfers

  • Stop payment

    Have you written a check for the wrong amount, or to the wrong person?Pay for a service that was not completed?Cancel in-store or online purchases, but still get charged?Don't panic, we've got you covered!*。

    Applications for ACH payments (payments that do not use paper checks, wire transfers, or credit card networks) can be completed and signed electronically。

    1. Log in to your Mobile or online banking 帐户
    2. Navigate to 帐户
    3. 选择 交易
    4. 选择 帮助 Will be directed to the message center
    5. Send us an online message with your request and ACH affidavit


    All other payments。

    1. Print out ours Stop payment request 形式。
    2. Fill in the required information for your account and the consumption you want to stop paying for
    3. Bring your completed form to your Local branch Or fax to 703-516-8175


    * Requests to stop payments are not guaranteed and only apply to one payment at a time。See us tariff Fee for termination of payment。
  • Make a domestic or international wire transfer

    If you are on vacation, visit,Or have moved away from home or outside the United States,Getting to your local Arlington branch may be a little difficult,But that doesn't mean you can't get your money!You can authorize the Arlington Community Federal Credit Union to make a one-time transfer from your Arlington account to an outside checking or savings account。You can authorize the Arlington Community Federal Credit Union to make a one-time transfer from your Arlington account to an outside checking or savings account。

    1. Print out ours Telegraphic transfer Request form And review the ACFCU's Electronic funds transfer protocols and disclosures 
    2. Fill in the required information for your account, the financial institution to which you sent the money, and the recipient's account
    3. Provide a clear copy of a government-issued photo ID (driver's license or passport)。
    4. For domestic wire transfers, please fill out the form through your online banking wire transfer gadget by 3pm or submit it through your online banking Wire transfer gadget by 2pm so that your request is processed and funded on the same day;No wire transfers will be processed on Saturday or Sunday。
    5. Sit back and wait for your money!
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Car buying guide

  • Buy a new car

    Whether your old car is ready to be stocked or you've decided you should upgrade (and trust us, you do!)The process of buying and paying for a new car can be confusing and stressful。Is that why we're here!See our handy guide Buy a car from a dealership.

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