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Enjoy account access anytime, anywhere。

Mobile and online banking

Can you take ACFCU with you wherever you go!With online and mobile banking, you can access your account anytime, anywhere。

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The bank on the net

Greater financial control is at your fingertips。

With online banking, you can view transactions, balances and checks, manage credit and debit cards, update your contact information, and much more。

Features and Advantages

  • Manage all your banking transactions quickly, safely and reliably
  • Pay the bills And loans 
  • Transfer funds Relationships between internal, external and other Arlington member accounts
  • Send security messages, access Notices and electronic statements And establish budget and savings goals *。
  • Set up card alerts and card controls: b锁住了 and remove cards as needed, b锁住了 international transactions, set dollar limits on signatures, passwords, ATM transactions, and more via the card management widget。
  • Manage your ACFCU debit card to see how close you are to qualifying for cash back checking account rewardsTransfer the balance to your ACFCU debit card
  • Access your ACFCU credit card, view rewards, make cash advances, make payments, b锁住了 your cards and Transfer the balance to your ACFCU credit card  
  • Stop payments at a lower fee, request a domestic wire transfer, and order a check
  • View account information for non-Arlington accounts
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Bills to pay

Manage your bills to save time and money。

Online and mobile banking bill payment takes the worry out of paying your monthly bills by customizing automatic payments directly from your ACFCU checking account。2

Functions and Payments

  • Pay your bills easily, easily and safely
  • 100% payment guarantee
  • Arrange one-off, recurrent, same-day or next-day payments
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Mobile banking

You can take ACFCU with you wherever you go。

Whether you need to quickly check your balance before buying lunch for the entire office, don't want to leave the couch to deposit grandma's birthday check, run out for a latte and forget your wallet, or need to Find a ATM ASAP, we are the wingman you need, in a smartphone, we go where you go。ACFCU's mobile app * is rated 4 on iTunes.8. There's a reason for that。®: Look at the reason。1 

Features and Advantages

  • Use your smartphone's camera to deposit a check with a mobile deposit3
  • Pay your bills and your Arlington credit card
  • 使用 Mobile money Pay with your debit or credit card at the participating location
  • Apply for an Arlington credit card cash advance and balance transfer
  • Send safety messages and create budget and savings goals
  • Set up card alerts and card controls: b锁住了 and remove cards as needed, b锁住了 international transactions, set dollar limits on signatures, passwords, ATM transactions, and more via the card management gadget。
  • Transfer funds Relationships between internal, external and other Arlington member accounts
  • Use a separate, unique user ID and password to access federated accounts for added security
  • Through the download iTunes®Google PlayTM

Mobile deposit

Use your smartphone's camera to deposit checks。

Skip your local ACFCU branch and use our "Deposit check" service。 Mobile banking The application3 On your smartphone or tablet, just open the mobile savings widget and follow the instructions。

Features and Advantages

  • Use our mobile deposit widget and the camera on your smartphone or tablet to deposit the check。3
  • Qualified endorsed checks from US financial institutions include personal, promissory/official, cashier and US Treasury bills and are processed in the same time as in-branch and ATM check deposits。3
  • Foreign checks, bills of exchange and savings bonds are not eligible for mobile deposits。
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Mobile money

Make contactless purchases。

When you Pay with Apple Pay using ACFCU's mobile wallet, leave your wallet at home for a secure, contactless purchasing experience。®, Google PayTM, or samsung® 支付。 How to access and use your mobile wallet now.3

Features and Advantages

  • Pay your daily expenses with your Arlington Visa card using your mobile wallet。® Debit and credit cards *。
  • Contactless, secure and reliable purchases, whether you use it online, in an app or in a store by tapping your device on a payment terminal。
  • Earn the same rewards as physical cards in stores and restaurants。4


An easy way to move your money。

$10,000 per day can be transferred between Arlington and/or external accounts by providing the routing number, account type and account number。 Through these simple steps. 

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The electronic file

Receive files digitally。

Get statements, notices, and tax documents in one place。No more searching for ACFCU files。

Features and Advantages

  • Review your statements online - once you have them, go back as far as 24 months。
  • Electronic monthly statements help you qualify for the following Check of your choice 奖励
  • Receive certificates due, overdue loan payments and year-end tax documents through electronic notifications

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Overdraft protection

Using courtesy payments can give you peace of mind, even if you think you'll never overdraw your account。

Whether you overestimated your account balance or swiped your debit card before reviewing the total, we offer insurance to protect your account。

Features and Advantages

Courtesy payments include the following types of transactions。5

  • Checking, ACH, and other transactions using a checking account
  • Pay bills automatically
  • Use your debit card to set up duplicate transactions
  • An ATM transaction
  • Daily debit card transactions
  • Point of sale (POS) transactions

Our $30 grace limit means there is no charge for debit card transactions if your overdraft balance is less than $30。6

You can opt-in and opt-out in real time, anytime you want, using our courtesy payment widget。

How to opt in and out of courtesy payments。

  1. Log in to your mobile app or bank online
  2. Click on the more
  3. Click on courtesy payments
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Access account information on your phone。

Want to access your account anytime, anywhere without online or mobile banking?Contact Access24, Arlington's 24-hour automated query and trading service。
Please call 703-526-0200, X1.

Features and Advantages

  • Listen to account balances, check status, and account history
  • Stop payments at a low fee, make withdrawals, transfers and advances, and request copies of checks for a small fee

Manage your money anytime, anywhere with our mobile app。

5 star rating
5 star rating

Register an electronic statement

Ready to reduce your carbon footprint and have access to your current or previous statements anytime, anywhere?Let's make it easy。

1. Log in to your online banking account from your computer and enter EDocs gadgets

2. Click to enter 概述

3. Click to enter 齿轮

4.选择 订阅

For step-by-step visual instructions。 Click here to.

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* Data and carrier rates may apply。

1Cash back is calculated based on the total amount of eligible debit card transactions。The account will not pay dividends。Get 1% cash back on the first $1,000 transaction。Maximum cash back is $10。To meet the minimum requirements, trades must be made during the qualifying period and must be cleared/credited。It may take one or more banking days for transactions to be posted and settled in your account from the date they occur。Credit card and signature, pin and debit bill payment transactions must be settled by the end of the month。Standard fees will apply if the account is inactive for more than 12 months。Debit card only. There are no overdraft fees for transactions under $30。ACH transactions do not have a $30 grace period before fees are collected。

2If you do not have enough money in your account, you will be charged a insufficient fund fee for each check。

3Mobile phone deposits are subject to verification and can be withdrawn up to $200。你的账户必须信誉良好;不能有一个信誉不良的账户,不能有ChexSystems的负面记录,也不能有任何超过30天的拖欠贷款。Please read the Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement and Disclosure (Reg E) for details including funds availability, deposit limits, proper disposition of checks, and full terms and conditions。

4ACFCU is not responsible for merchant codes that do not allow us to obtain the information required for double credits。

5ATM transactions, everyday debit card transactions and point of sale (POS) transactions need to be selected separately。

6There is a $30 charge for each occurrence。This only applies to debit card transactions。ACH transactions do not have a $30 grace period before fees are collected。

Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the United States and other countries。The App Store is a service trademark of Apple。Android is a trademark of Google。 ©2019 Google Inc。All Rights Reserved。Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC。Samsung Pay is Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.Registered trademark of。For a complete list of stores that accept Samsung Pay, go to。Data charges may be required。

To protect you, we use the latest encryption standards and therefore support the latest two versions of the following browsers and operating systems。Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, iOS。We support Android V5.Version 0 and later, with limited support for Internet Explorer V11。While we do monitor for fraud or suspicious activity and may contact you proactively, we will never call for confidential information such as your entire account number or password。Please contact us。703.526.0200 x4 If you provide confidential information。

Federal insurance is provided by NCUA。Membership requirements apply。