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Prevent accidents。

Insurance coverage

Peace of mind。Perhaps nothing is more priceless。Is that why Arlington Community Federal Credit Union offers our members a variety of insurance plans to protect major purchases and your loved ones。

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Payment protection scheme

Most of us make at least one loan payment a month。Whether it's a car or home equity loan, a personal loan or a credit card。If your loan is taken out at ACFCU, optional payment protection can help ensure that the loan does not become a financial burden on your family if you are unable to work due to an accident, illness, or even death。

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Features and Advantages

  • Provide a reassuring environment
  • Maintain your standard of living
  • Protect your loan collateral (for example, your car
  • The premiums are the same for all borrowers
  • Supplement your existing insurance -- even if there are other policies in force。
  • Start on the same day as the loan
  • No medical tests required

Has the GAP advantages of PowerBuy™

When you have PowerBuy's GAP advantage, a totally destroyed car is not a total loss。 In your A car loan

If your car suffers a total loss or cannot be recovered due to theft, PowerBuy's GAP Advantage can pay the balance of your car loan after insurance is paid Provides you with additional funds to finance your next car - as little as $499。

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Features and Advantages

  • Eliminate or reduce out-of-pocket expenses for remaining loan balances after insurance claims are settled
  • With little or no carry-over balance, you can buy a replacement car earlier
  • If you finance us to replace your car after a total loss, offer us $1,000
  • Compared with car dealerships, the price is lower - as low as $499
  • Loans are allowed to cover expenses
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Main mechanical protection

Major Mechanical Protection (MMP) can protect you from costly repairs in the future。The total cost of major mechanical protection is often much lower than the cost of a single repair。A lump sum payment for this protection, and in most cases, if something goes wrong, you won't have to pay anything else, just a small deductible。. For more information, check out our Main Machinery Manual.

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Features and Advantages

  • Prevent costly repairs
  • 24/7 roadside assistance。(Response time is about 30 minutes)
  • TLoan services
  • Mechanical emergency
  • Tires, batteries and 锁住了out services

  • Accidental death and physical disability

    Take advantage of this free $1,000 policy to pay out in the event of your death, or protect your family with something more。

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  • Auto insurance

    Cover most of your claims on a standard insurance policy for your car, truck or specialty vehicle。In the event of an accident, avoid high out-of-pocket expenses。

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  • Disability insurance

    Earn a portion of your income for every day you are injured, sick, or unable to work。Maintain your lifestyle while you recover。

  • Group term life insurance

    Offer term life insurance to your employees, making it an attractive addition to any benefit plan。

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  • Homeowners insurance

    Cover most claims with your home's standard policy。Customize your insurance to take into account the size of your property, land value, and special functions。

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  • Hospital accident insurance

    Earn daily cash benefits for inpatient and outpatient emergency treatment - no medical examination, tests or investigation required。

  • Life insurance

    Not everyone has the same types of risks or the same goals。That's why we offer a variety of life insurance options - full, term, variable and universal - to suit your specific needs。Please contact us Financial advisers For more details。

  • Long term care insurance

    Helps people over 65 with chronic disabling conditions pay for nursing home care and home health care。 Please give a Financial advisers For more details。 

  • Recuperative care insurance

    Earn daily cash benefits for hospitalizations related to accidents or illnesses, paid directly to you, not the insurance company。


Your purchase of payment protection is optional。Whether you purchase payment protection will not affect your credit application or the terms of your existing credit agreement with us。There are eligibility requirements, conditions and inapplicable circumstances that may prevent you from receiving the benefits of payment protection。You should read the contract carefully to get the full explanation of the terms。

GAP Advantage products you bought at PowerBuy Is optional。Whether or not you purchase GAP Advantage at PowerBuy will not affect your credit application or the terms of your existing credit agreement with us。

There are eligibility requirements, conditions, and inapplicable circumstances that may prevent you from taking advantage of PowerBuy's GAP Advantage。You should read the contract carefully for a full explanation of the terms。GAP Advantage with PowerBuy is considered insurance coverage in some states。

A car loan is eligible for PowerBuy's GAP advantage if the policy is purchased within one year of the loan's date。

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Your purchase of "Main mechanical protection" is optional。Whether or not you purchase Major Machine Protection will not affect your credit application or the terms of your existing credit agreement with us。

No deductibles are required for any value-added benefits。You don't have to pay anything for any value-added benefits。The program applies to most new and used domestic and imported vehicles。Please consult a loan advisor for vehicle eligibility criteria and more details。