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This is your tomorrow。Keep it your way。

Retirement savings

Our stocks and certificates can help you prepare for your golden years。Open an INDIVIDUAL retirement account (IRA) to allow your savings to grow in a safe and secure place while giving you a potential tax advantage, both now and in the future。Remember, it's best to consult your tax adviser。

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Traditional IRA

A safer financial future begins here。

Traditional IRAs offer a healthy, low-risk portfolio that earns compound interest over the long term。A reliable option for those who don't have a 401(k) -- or who need to transfer funds from their 401(k) -- this type of IRA also allows you to lower your taxable income today while saving for tomorrow。

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Features and Advantages

  • Allows you to make maximum contributions to your retirement savings until age 70。
  • Pay taxes when you withdraw your money -- usually at age 59 and a half or later -- and enjoy a lower tax rate in retirement。
  • Pay a maximum of $6,000 per year to reduce your current taxable income

Roth IRA

Pay your taxes today and win peace of mind tomorrow。

You can pay taxes directly and receive many of the same benefits as a traditional IRA。Also, unlike traditional IRAs, you won't be penalized for withdrawing your contributions before retirement。

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Features and Advantages

  • Taxes are payable on payments and may be partially tax-free on withdrawals。
  • Best for members who expect to retire at a higher tax rate。
  • Allows you to make the biggest contribution to your retirement savings in a lifetime。
  • Pass dividends tax-free to your heirs
  • The maximum annual fee is $6,000。
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Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA

For busy business owners and entrepreneurs。

It's very simple and the name is very simple。Designed for businesses too small to qualify for a 401(k), SEP IRAs offer self-employed and small business owners the opportunity to save for their own retirement -- as well as any employee。

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Features and Advantages

  • Contribute to your retirement and that of your employees
  • Have higher annual contribution limits than roth or traditional IRAs。

Coverdale Education Savings Account (ESA)

For the future of our children。

Similar to a 529 savings account, Coverdell ESA lets you invest tax-free and withdraw funds tax-free for eligible education expenses。

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Features and Advantages

  • Pay for tuition, books, supplies, tutoring, etc。
  • Donations amount to $2,000 a year。
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IRA Huge stock certificate

Your smart savings strategy will pay off。

Have you saved $100,000 or more for retirement?Our huge stock -Available as a traditional or Roth IRA-- return all your savings at our best interest rates。

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Features and Advantages

The calendar icon Rate effective: January 14, 2022
术语 Percentage annual return The minimum amount of bonus earned Minimum account balance
术语 6个月 Percentage annual return 0.30% The minimum amount of bonus earned $100,000.00 Minimum account balance $100,000.00
术语 12个月 Percentage annual return 0.55% The minimum amount of bonus earned $100,000.00 Minimum account balance $100,000.00
术语 24个月 Percentage annual return 0.80% The minimum amount of bonus earned $100,000.00 Minimum account balance $100,000.00

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There may be penalties for early withdrawals。Expenses may detract from revenue。The rates are effective from January 14, 2022。Rates are subject to change without prior notice。Please consult the Irs website Learn more about IRA topics, including qualifying exceptions for early withdrawal penalty taxes。Federal insurance is provided by NCUA。

IRA stock。No minimum investment。

IRA certificate。The minimum amount of bonus earned。$500