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Consolidate your debts today, and you'll be safe tomorrow。

Interest rates as low as 6.49% APR*。

Consolidating your debt with an ACFCU personal loan may lower your monthly payments and help you save more on fees over the life of the loan。ACFCU is not just a lender, we are your neighbor。Apply today to take advantage of our neighborhood services。

0 for online applications.Discount of 25% apr *。

Rates as low as


Features and Advantages

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The calendar icon Rate effective: May 14, 2021
类型 Maximum loan Period up to The annual interest rate * is as low as Monthly payment samples1
类型 A personal loan Maximum loan $25,000 Period up to 48个月 The annual interest rate * is as low as 6.49% Monthly payment samples1 $166.00兑换$7,000
类型 A personal loan Maximum loan $50,000 Period up to 60个月 The annual interest rate * is as low as 7.49% Monthly payment samples1 $400.00兑换$20,000

Why consolidate your debt?

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Monthly payment

To simplify your monthly bills and make your finances easier to manage。

Logo for monthly payments never increase

Monthly payments never increased

Take out a low fixed rate loan and make the same affordable monthly payments。

Signs that improve your credit score

Improve your credit score

By proving that you can pay your bills on time each month。

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Becoming a member is easier than you think!

All you need is $5 and proof of eligibility。

Almost anyone can do their banking at the Arlington Community FCU。You are eligible to join if:

  • You live, work, worship, volunteer, attend school, or continue your business in Arlington, Fairfax County, Alexandria, and Falls Church, Virginia。
  • You are a direct relative of a current member: S.pouse, pNo, grandparents, stepparents, CChildren, grandchildren, stepsonIberian Peninsula/stepped
  • You live with eligible people including D。Full-featured partners, IGuardian, FOster children。 同屋
  • Your immediate family members are eligible to join #1 above, even if they haven't already。
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*APR = annual percentage。Interest rates are subject to change without prior notice。The rate takes effect on May 14, 2021。The highest rate is 17%。If approved, members who apply online will receive 0.A 25% annual discount on personal loans。Not all applicants qualify for the lowest rate。To qualify for the lowest rates, members must qualify for credit standards and apply online。The minimum loan amount is $1,000。The maximum loan amount is $50,000。

1Payment examples may be different because of the payment guarantee built into the loan and because the initial payment is not due 30 days after the funds are in place。

Our branches and call centres will be closed on Monday 30th May for the anniversary。Our mobile applications are available 24/7 with check deposit, online banking and 24-hour services。