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A free checking account that gives you something in return。

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Reward each step of your journey。

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We've been with you every step of the way。

We're making it easier to earn cash back rewards every month。Any debit card transaction will count toward your reward total -- including signature and pin transactions。In addition, using your debit card for online purchases and payments also counts。

With free conveniences like mobile banking and a network of ATM machines that deposit checks from your smartphone without surcharges -- and no monthly fees -- this is a checking account that fits your life。

Features and Advantages

  • 1% cash rebate on the first $1,000 transactions *。
  • Up to $10 ATM fee refund1
  • There is no minimum balance requirement
  • There is no monthly service charge

Qualification is easy!

  1. Make 25 credit card signature, PIN or debit bill payments per month
  2. Receive electronic statements
  3. Receive an ACH deposit of $500 into your free rewards checking account
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Meaningful checks

The mark is 1% cash back * and the first transaction is $1,000。

1% cash rebate on the first $1,000 transactions *。

Up to $10 ATM fee refund的标志<sup>1</sup>。

Up to $10 ATM fee refund1

Mark no minimum balance requirement and no monthly service fee

There is no minimum balance and no monthly service fee

Powerful inspection convenience

With the free reward check, you will enjoy unlimited check writing and value-added facilities that can help you better manage your money。

Sign of free monthly rent service charge

No monthly service fee

Or minimum balance requirements

Sign for free overdraft fee

No overdraft fees

Debit card transaction overdraft less than $302

National ATM convenience sign

Atms nationwide are convenient

It has more than 28,000 Free ATM

The symbol of free mobile banking lets you live your life as you please。

Free mobile banking service, let your life follow your inclinations

With mobile deposit, reward tracking and other functions3

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Access your funds online anytime, anywhere

Online banks also offer free bill payment

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Sign for optional overdraft protection

Optional overdraft protection

More at ease

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Free Visa® Debit card

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Monthly electronic Report

So you can save time and trees

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Manage your money anytime, anywhere with our mobile app。

5 star rating
5 star rating

* Cash back is calculated based on the total amount of eligible debit card transactions。The account will not pay dividends。Get 1% cash back on the first $1,000 transaction。Maximum cash back is $10。To meet the minimum requirements, trades must be made during the qualifying period and must be cleared/credited。It may take one or more banking days for transactions to be posted and settled in your account from the date they occur。Credit card and signature, pin and debit bill payment transactions must be settled by the end of the month。Standard fees will apply if the account is inactive for more than 12 months。Debit card only. There are no overdraft fees for transactions under $30。ACH transactions do not have a $30 grace period before fees are collected。

1If you meet the award criteria, you can refund up to $10 ATM fee。

2This only applies to debit card transactions。ACH transactions do not have a $30 grace period before fees are collected。

Membership required。Federal insurance is provided by NCUA。